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Stuck at a crossroads? Let's Talk Counseling can provide the insight and feedback you need. When you meet with a local life coach, you'll get a chance to process your situation and receive informed advice about how to move forward.

Many people are turning to life coaches these days because they can help you make progress in their lives, allowing you to live life to its fullest. When you work with one of these coaches, you'll notice improvements in your personal and social life, career and overall emotional stability.

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When you book with Let's Talk Counseling, you will receive service like you are family. We know how to work with those suffering from relationship, family and adolescent struggles as well as those that are in need of life coaching and individual care. Whether it is you or your family member that needs help, Let's Talk Counseling is here to provide our services in South Jordan, UT and throughout the United States of America. You are able to call 801-979-8779 or submit a form through our Contact Us page. We take various forms of payment. We accept Venmo, Stripe and Square. You are able to pay online through our Payment page. Thank you for your consideration in Let's Talk Counseling!