Family and Adolescent Counseling

Improve Your Family Dynamic

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Families can get on each other's nerves, especially when there are misunderstandings involved and emotions running high. Let's Talk Counseling helps to straighten things out with our family counseling sessions. We can mend fraught relationships between parents and children, siblings and in-laws.

Family counseling is typically referred to as "strength-based treatment." It differs from individual counseling because it views issues as patterns or systems that need changes, rather than viewing problems as something that stems from one person. Your particular treatment plan will depend on your family's dynamic and will ultimately strengthen your bonds with family members.

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Help your teenager feel heard

Adolescence is a tough time for everyone. If your teen is having trouble adjusting, or you find yourself getting into screaming matches with them far too often, it's time to consider adolescent counseling. A professional therapist can get to the root of your child's problems and help them form healthier coping habits.

We can:

  • Provide you with parenting strategies
  • Help parents struggling to talk to their children
  • Aid in kids' transitions between different grades and schools
  • Offer support to kids dealing with online school
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When you book with Let's Talk Counseling, you will receive service like you are family. We know how to work with those suffering from relationship, family and adolescent struggles as well as those that are in need of life coaching and individual care. Whether it is you or your family member that needs help, Let's Talk Counseling is here to provide our services in South Jordan, UT and throughout the United States of America. You are able to call 801-979-8779 or submit a form through our Contact Us page. We take various forms of payment. We accept Venmo, Stripe and Square. You are able to pay online through our Payment page. Thank you for your consideration in Let's Talk Counseling!